Why Glamping?

Glamping allow you to experience nature with comfort and freedom in unique way.
Luxury Camping facilities have been creating with a story in general.

It takes you into that story and the nature becomes the stage of the show.

It increases your awareness to nature, ecological cycle, local life.

Why should you go to Glamping? Here are 5 reasons;

1) For those who do not limit their vacation standards to 5 stars

While watching millions of stars in the sky freely; You laugh at times when you thought it was a luxury to spend a holiday in “5 star” hotels and squeeze yourself into concrete structures.

Glamping is nature, comfort and freedom.

It is more than the facility you stay, it is ecological environment, it is nature.

It is part of Eco Tourism with all its components, it should be glamorous camping concept.

2) Reconnected with Nature

Juniperus Kos Eco Resort View

Actually, we all have a desire to be in touch with nature, to communicate with it and witness its cycle, to observe the miracles and beauties in nature.

I’m sure for many of you the idea of ​​camping has always been interesting and intriguing but for some of you as well camping was a challenge and an adventure.

In other words, it doesn’t appeal to everyone’s vacation prefers.

At this point, we explain why you should go for a Glamping vacation.

You will be in nature, you will not be dealing with carrying equipment, you will not have security risks, you will just enjoy the nature where you are in.

You will stay in comfortable and luxurious Canvasvilla tents that already organized and you will just enjoy in nature and relax.

3) A Romantic Escape

Canvasvilla White Pearl 500 Glamping Tent

Luxury camping is a method of retreat that offers refined experiences and possibilities.

Escape; From the hustle and bustle of the city life, people, daily stress and rush.

A Glamping hotel can be quite romantic, while being in nature is already raising your mood; Your heated outdoor jacuzzi, incense, comfortable hammock and seating groups, all details will be considered for your comfort.

If your loved one is with you, what more could you ask for a romantic weekend getaway?

4) Also Suitable for Families with Children

6M Canvas Glamping Tent

The idea of ​​camping sites or camping for families with children has always been thought provoking.

You will no longer have to worry about going camping with kids because Glamping makes the idea of ​​camping with kids more organized, comfortable and safe.
Some facilities are adults only while some businesses set up child-friendly facilities.
Sites that have children’s playgrounds, amusement parks, etc. Activity based sites for children what you looking for!

You can have an unforgettable holiday experience with your children.

5) A Sustainable and Ecological Vacation Experience

Glamping Set Up in Bulgaria with Canvasvilla White Pearl 500

Glamping facilities are installed with minimal damage to nature.

Already in essence; There is a motto to be in nature and to have a comfortable time in nature.

It is reconnection with nature and natural retreat.

When you make your holiday in an ecological facility, you contribute to nature and you contribute to the opening of more environmentally friendly Glamping and Camping businesses instead of those concrete pile hotels established by destroying nature.

We can call it’s a win-win.

We will win both for nature and nature will win for us.

We’re going to leave a more livable world to the next generation, isn’t it perfect?

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