White Pearl 500


  • 19.6 sqm Interior Living Space
  • 340 gsm %100 Cotton Army Duck Canvas Fabric
  • 5m Canvas Bell Tent
  • 5 Meters Diameter
  • 3 Meters Central Pole
  • 90 cm High XL Side Walls
  • 190 cm High XL Entrance Door
  • Fireproof Stove Hole
  • Natural Water Repellent | Rain Tested
Durable and breathable 100% cotton 340 gsm top quality Army Duck, Luxurious 5m Canvas Bell Tent. It’s more than a tent, it’s Canvasvilla!
Water Repellent, Mildew & UV Resistant
Seams are double stitched; corners are reinforced for added strength
5” stove jack with shield flap
High quality Bug Mesh Door
360° view from interior and ventilation with 10 large windows with No-See-Um mesh and zipper flap
Military grade YKK Zippers on 3-way zipper door and windows
Detachable zip in/zip out high density 540 gsm poly vinyl groundsheet
Electric Cable Outlet
Proprietary shock absorber grounding system at the bottom
Extremely functional tension cord on the door entrance and rain flap
Roof vents to ensure maximum ventilation
Galvanized steel poles
Stakes, Reflective ropes, Metal tension adjusters, Rain cap and Tool Kit
Waterproof tent storage bag

Why we’re different

Canvasvilla White Pearl 500 Model is a %100 Cotton Luxurious 5m Canvas Bell Tent for Glamping, Camping, Staycation for All Seasons.


We only use premium quality %100 Cotton Army Duck Canvas fabric to produce Canvasvilla.

So, White Pearl 500 will be your best 5m Canvas Bell Tent ever!


We have PFC free finish that means we never use any chemicals in our tent fabric.

Attention to Detail

Organic and premium quality Cotton (BCI member farmers)  that we use for Canvasvilla help us to create sustainability and user comfortablity for those who glamping / camping / staying in Canvasvilla tents.


So, Canvasvilla is breathable that you can smell fresh air inside any time.
Also, it helps for natural isolation in all season for example; when is hot outside Canvasvilla has cool inside, when is cold outside you can feel warmer inside.

Canvasvilla White Pearl 500 for everyone and for all purpose that includes the idea of reconnect with nature!

For Glamping Business

We admire eco tourism and we support businesses who desire to creating a glamping site or those who already has traditional camping site and want to update with Glamping style.

Would you like to get some inspiration? Check our White Pearl 500 model out on pinterest!

For Individuals

Also for individuals who has a farm, back garden, summer house etc. and desire to provide a glamping units for its guests or Airbnb. So, If you own a 5m Canvas Bell Tent that would be delighted way to make extra income while enjoying with your guests.

If you need a bigger tent for your glamping guests, please check White Pearl 600 out!

For Personal Use

Which 5m Canvas Bell Tent to Buy?

Answer is easy. For your next glamping adventure you only need a White Pearl 500 which is long lasting and best featured.

Why 5m Canvas Bell Tent?

It’s always good idea to escape to the nature from hustle and bustle of the city life. In any case, to protect your comfortable zone in nature, you need equipments with good quality to enjoy during your staycation and glamping experience.

Canvasvilla  made by premium quality of  materials and design so it will be your bestie during your camp.

For your yoga camps, retreat, nature escape, hunting, festivals etc. enjoy with Canvasvilla as your portable house for any purpose.

Additional Information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 300 cm


Floor Space

5m Diameter – 19.6 Sqm

Canvas Type

340 gr/m2 Army Duck Cotton Canvas

Fabric Option

Water Repellent

Fabric Features

Breathable Cotton, Double Stitched Seams, Rain Tested


Natural White

Camping Capacity


Glamping Capacity


Wall Height

90 cm

Center Height

300 cm

Door Height

190 cm

Roof Vents with No-See-Um Mesh & Hood


Wall Material

340 gr/m2 Army Duck Cotton Canvas

Floor Material

540 Gr/sqm Heavy Duty PVC Groundsheet


Three Way Zipper Canvas Door

Bug Mesh

No-See-Um mesh


10 Large Windows with No-See-Um Mesh and Zipper


Top Grade Waterproof Zippers

Reflectives Guy Ropes/Adjustable Guylines

1.5 m long 6 mm Poly Propylene UV resistant Dura Rope

Number of Guy Ropes


Triangular Metal Runners/Rope Tension Adjusters


Utility Pockets


Frame Material

Galvanized Steel Center and A-Frame Door Poles

A Frame Door Pole

25 mm Diameter and 1.2 mm Thickness

Center Pole

38 mm Diameter and 1.2 mm Thickness

Peg Type

Heavy Duty Solid Galvanized Steel


24 pcs. Long Solied Steel Jpegs (10 mm)


12 pcs. Solid Steel Pins (6mm)

Rubber Mallet


Rain Cap


Number of Boxes


Tool Kit Bag


PVC Pole Bag


Number of Stove Jack


Stove Jack Material

47 x 47 cm 12.5 cm Heat Resistant Silicon Coated Stove Jack with Flap

Electric Cable Outlet


Guy Points

Elastic Shock-Absorber Bungee Cord System

Rubber Base Plate/Vacuum


Waterproof Bag


Primary Source of Material

All of our Canvasvilla tents are made from Grade-A premium Double Fill Army Duck 100% Cotton Canvas using weightless breathable WR (Water + Mildew) treatment. All our seams are double stitched, corners are reinforced for added strength. The generous spacious design has 90 cm walls which makes the tent extremely comfortable and space can be utilized from all angles.


The entrance door is extremely wide which makes this an extremely practical and unique tent. There is also a standard Bug No-See-Um Mesh door to enjoy the view yet stay protected. Main fabric door and mesh door both have three way zipper, extremely functional tension cord on the door entrance and rain flap to keep water out.

Windows & Roof vents

There are windows on every panel with heavy duty No-See-Um mesh to keep mosquitoes out and canvas flap on inner side for letting in natural light without losing the heat from your stove, better ventilation and clear view. Four windows with detachable bug mesh are designed to attach a sleeping pod (not included with the tent) for additional capacity. There are four large strategic roof vents with No-See-Um Mesh & Hood to ensure maximum ventilation

Integrated Mesh Door & Windows

Our tents have standard bug mesh door and windows made from high quality No-See-Um Mesh to protect you from bugs and critters. The protective mesh will keep the tiny insects at bay so you can enjoy the view yet stay protected. The windows and doors can be fully closed from the inside of the tent and insect-free mesh doors and windows allow you to open the tent for a breeze or a clear view without worrying about bugs or mosquitoes.

Stove Compatibility

The tent includes 12.5 cm oval heat/fire resistant silicon coated vinyl Stove Jack opening with a weather flap allowing for a 12.5 cm round pipe to fit perfectly with the pitch of the roof. It is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and to protect tent fabric from melting in direct contact with a hot stove pipe. Stove jacks are covered with a flap for when it’s not in use.


The tent design features a 540 gr/sqm. poly-vinyl coated high density Zip in/out Groundsheet that can be detached and wall can be rolled up to use as sun shade so you can enjoy maximum ventilation and cross breeze. Groundsheet at door have hook & eye system to make it flat.

Zippers & Utility Pockets

Top rated military grade waterproof zippers for maximum functionality which are the best in trade, not only on doors but also on windows to ensure maximum durability and functionality. The tent comes with four utility pockets to store your precious belongings.

Frame & Pegs

The construction of the tent is based on the standing steel galvanized center pole of 38 mm diameter and 1.6 mm thickness with D-ring for hanging lights and door A-frame of 25 mm diameter and 0.047″ 1.2 mm thickness which gives large space to create a beautiful exotic stay area with hanging decorations and even roof décor.

Pro Guy Lines & Tensioners

The tent comes with Polyester UV resistant 8 mm Dura rope, proprietary elasticated shock absorber cord system and triangular metal rope tension adjusters that keeps the tent guy points (highest stress point) with extra play in heavy winds. These metal tensioners are made to last as they won’t break or deteriorate from harsh UV rays like typical plastic sliders. Secondary guy points allow to stretch the zipper flap and protect zipper from rain and water penetration. All 1/4" UV resistant Dura guy ropes are pre attached along with Triangular Metal Runners to adjust the tension.

1 Year Canvasvilla Tents Guarantee

We take pride in the quality and design of every Canvasvilla, that’s why our products come with a reliable guarantee designed to protect you as our valued customer. Canvasvilla will replace this tent, should it fail due to faulty materials or manufacture/workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date you purchase.

  • Do not use candles, matches or open flames of any kind in or near a tent.
    It is better to not cook inside a tent, but if you are, do not leave cooking unattended.
  • Make sure grills, cooking appliances and similar must not be placed nearer than 1 meter to tent canvas.
  • There should be no use of open fires or glowing charcoal inside tents or near tent canvas – fire can spread very quickly.
  • There should be no use of open fires or glowing charcoal inside tents or near tent canvas as there is a significant risk from the buildup of Carbon Monoxide (CO), particularly in a confined space inside the tent.
  • All flexible tubes and couplings to the gas burner should be checked for leakage and that it is in good order.
  • Build campfires downwind and several meters away from a tent and be sure to fully extinguish campfires before leaving a campsite or before retiring for the night.

  • Exercise extreme caution when using fuel-powered lanterns or heaters inside a tent and use battery-operated lanterns whenever possible.
  • Ensure that electrical appliances are in good condition with no frayed wires etc.
  • Do not leave laptops or phones tables plug in and charging unattended
  • Do not refuel lamps, heaters or stoves inside a tent.
  • Extinguish or turn off all lanterns before going to sleep.
  • Do not smoke in a tent.
  • Do not store flammable liquids inside a tent.
  • Installation of log burners or heating equipment at your own risk
  • Ensure all guy ropes & pegs are securely fixed
  • Do not pitch under trees
  • Do not pitch on cliffs or places where risk of falling


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