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Juniperus Kos

Juniperus Kos

Juniperus Kos offers nature-adapted Canvasvilla Deck Suite accommodations located in most marvellous part of the Island: Kefalos Region.
Resort will partly open its door to their guests in 14th May 2021.
Initially, only 2 accommodation units will serve for its guests during 2021 season.
Just for your imagination; A Canvasvilla Deck Suite Superior will locate in 18 acres of its private land which laying back to the 200 acres wide of Juniper and Maquis Forest meantime facing with panoramic Aegean Sea, Sunset and Kalymnos Island view.
Unique sceneries and “stay in nature” experiences awaits you here in magical atmosphere.

Afterward of this pre-open

Juniperus Kos will be launched as an Eco Resort with its all facilities & units in the summer season of 2022.


Don’t miss to become 2021’s selected guests of Juniperus Kos who will be served at prime level by nature in extraordinary concept.

"While we striving to create our own paradise in this World, we met with Juniperus and fellows as; Daphne, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Heather and others. We’ve been fascinated by observing their relations with perfect rhythm in this unique & rare flora.
Then excitedly we felt like had to find the most casual and unforgettable way to share these charming atmosphere which has years-defying stance and the miracles they have created since ancient times just right here.
In conclusion, Juniperus is born as a Natur-Luxury / Eco Resort brand in its original lands.
We believe that new luxury is pure nature.
We are excited to welcoming you in our own paradise that will be also yours."

Mr. & Mrs. Yilmaz
Founders of Juniperus Resorts

It's time to make nature our priority. Let's change the world together.

Resort Settlement
All accommodation units settled with consideration of privacy. Our aim is to offer ultimate island retreat experience for your re-balance in your own private environment within the unique nature of the Juniperus.
Site landscape includes old Juniper Trees (some of them 300+ years old) and self grown rare Maquis Plants which are strongly protected and featured into our landscape design concept.
Accordingly, that makes the resort unique.

Magical Greek island vibes and unforgettable beach retreat awaits you here in Juniperus.
Couples, Friend Groups, Families, Adventure Seekers, Water Sport Lovers or Surfers.
We settled in best location for all.
Write us for more information about “things to do” and activities.
Kefalos is Beach Paradise of the Kos Island
Excellent location of the resort allows you to reach island’s best beach spots in very short distances such as; Paradise Beach, Volcania Beach, Kohilari Kite Surf Beach, Magic Beach, Exotic Beach, Polemi Beach, Camel Beach, Lagada Beach, Agios Stefanos Beach, Kefalos Marina, Limnionas Beach, Cavo Paradiso Beach, Agios Theologos Beach, Tripiti Beach, Kata Beach and much more.