Glamping is a stunning way to re-connect with nature.
Let’s say it’s an escape or retreat from hustle and bustle of the regular life.
However, you always have to be aware which glamping sites would be right choice for a genuine glamping experience before you go for it.

So, let’s sort highlighted questions basically before your next glamping adventure;

1) How to find glamping sites?
2) Which Destination you are looking for your glamping stay?
3) Which Glamping Unit should you book?
4) What to consider before book a Glamping Unit, Tent, Pod etc.
5) How to find Canvasvilla Glamping Location near your desired destination?

To start by an answer for first question, we would say that it’s super easy with Canvasvilla Booking tab!
Just click Booking tab at home page and choose your destination.
Then, you will find Glamping Sites in different locations where you can find a Canvasvilla to book!

If you are looking for glamping sites that offer Canvasvilla Bell Tents or Canvasvilla Deck Suites as Accomodation Units, you can use our reservation module to check them out.

For your each booking, you will earn points (up to %10 of your booking rate) which you can use as a discount coupon to your next glamping bookings with Canvasvilla.

We are working hard to grow our community day by day to reach more locations worldwide!
Book your glamping experience with Canvasvilla to support sustainable hospitality world-wide.

For Question 2

Choose your destionation where you would like to unwind yourself and reconnect with. To get some inspiration, you can have a look Canvasvilla locations at our booking tab or just google it for your dream destination! We leave a link that may helps: Canvasvilla Pins


please be aware that there are many variety between the same-look units about quality measures.
Even, this sometimes can be vital! Why? here we go.
For instance, most of the glamping site owners unfortunately doesn’t know crutial differences between the quality bell tents and standart bell tents, or they don’t demonstrate attention. Then, they do mistake with choosing low quality / cheap tents.
Our advice: Before you book a site, check the brand of their tents or ask about the qualifications to know.


There can be many options in glamping sites such as: bell tents, safari tents, tipi tents, cabin, gypsy wagon, caravan, tiny house, tree houses etc. So, before book your unit, plan yourself about your wishes and expectations. If you planning to spend your days within your accomadition unit mostly, even planning to do #workation choose a spacious unit such as 5m or 6m bell tent. As an imagination, have a look our Deck Suites and  White Pearl Bell Tents
So, It depends based on your wishes and expectations.

Last but not least,

you only need to track Canvasvilla website and social media accounts to getting know about new locations, destinations and campaigns.
So, keep #withincanvas!