Glamping is a perfect way to natural escape from hustle and bustle of city life.

What Is Glamping? Glamping is basically camping in the Luxurious manner. Glamping most suits on Bell Tents. Glamping is now becoming a trend as a leisure activity in the industry of tourism and camping. Camping lovers, who prefer neat and managed idea, are getting attracted to this beautiful scheme of the next level camping. As it is a growing trend, investors are becoming more interested in investing in Glamping business. This blog will help business personalities by guiding them with information and tips regarding setting up a Glamping business. If you are also planning to invest in this unique rental and staycation idea, then this write-up shouldn’t be missed!

To standardize your Glamping tent, you may choose any type from its available varieties such as; tepee, dome, and yurt. We can also make our site more attractive by structuring it as cabin tents, tree houses or bubble tents but do remember, these would cost more as they would require an advance level of preparations.

The first and foremost step to pursue a dream is to always have a talk with those who are relatively experienced. They will aware you with the pros and cons they experienced and will also share tips on your initial step; developing the business plan of your leisure idea. Their heaps of wisdom would save you valuable time and money from being ruined.

Following are the main steps to start with:

Step No. 1:

Be True and Passionate

Start with yourself by focusing on what made you attracted towards Glamping business. Make that factor your motive and something to hold by which would then encourage you throughout your journey. On facing difficulty at any step, come back at it to reduce your second thoughts and problems.

Step No. 2:

Evaluate your Target Audience

Your Glamping spot would be visited and utilized by your customers. To this regard, develop the buyer personas. The personas generally impact your location choice, extra activities present at your spot along with the size and types of tents that you would offer. Make sure to consider the customer group size too when working for next steps. Lastly, themes and needs may vary from couples on honeymoon to friends on their gathering. Do not mix the groups in your target audiences. However, for instance, the needs of activity tours and family gathering would move along.

Step No. 3:

Decide the Spot

After understanding your customers, the third step is to pick a suitable location. Normally, if you or someone in your family owns farmland, orchard, vineyard or even a plain plot of land, would be a plus point in your location searching stage. If not, you can always look around your area maybe someone wants to sell their land or maybe there is a resort nearby adjoining to which, you can create your setup.

You can even have a few acres of land rented from a farmer. Also, perform a small checkup over the internet as there might be someone who would be actively looking for a partner to his Glamping business. Make sure to gain a large area for offering car and vehicle parking facility too.

Step No. 4:

Develop your Glamping Business Checklist

Start enlisting the items you would require to develop your deluxe camping business. For example; Kitchen items, electrical installation, waste disposal facilities, sanitary facilities, fire safety, gas storage, furniture, lightening, and other Glamping amenities.

Step No. 5:

Seek Permission from the Authorities

Setting up a Glamping business is still a developing concept thus won’t have clear regulations in every case. Have a meeting with your local planning authority upon the discussion of your Glamping idea they can advice you on your plans and will help out permissions. Evaluate the level of encouragement and the availability of rural development grants from their side in the matter of tourism in your area in order to make efforts accordingly.

A “Pre-application advice” is offered nowadays at a certain amount of fee (different at every council) i.e. guidance regarding relevant policies and procedures. Your site license will be covering the conditions to abide by.

Step No. 6:

Let’s plan the Structure!

It is time to decide the structure of our glamorous camping plan relying on the present market options. A lot of companies now offer pre-fabricated Glamping Sets as DIY (Do It Yourself), which we can assemble without anyone’s support, thus saving the crew cost in the end. Furthermore, many self-assembling structures include the heating systems (normally the wood-burners) and insulation, making them the year-round solutions.

Also, plan your per day rates according to the current market after working on the structure.

Step No. 7:

Focusing the infrastructure:

Now, plan the services and facilities you would offer to your customers which will also become your competitive advantage in the future. How would you manage the field kitchen and sanitary facilities? Will you add a laundry room and a reception area or would you increase the line of facilities after, investments start happening at your site?

Step No. 8:

Establish a small Glamping site first

Start your site business on a small scale and go slow as it would be less risky and more learning for a beginner. Our advice to you is to just invest in durable structures, setup furniture and then insulate them if, you feel that in winters there would be a need for extra protection then, off you go!

Step No. 9:

Create a unique factor

Undoubtedly, the Glamping setup would rely on your unique factor differentiating you from the rest Glamping providers. This factor would internally motivate people around you to spread good word of mouth and recommendations in their circle. Some ideas from us include:

  • Natural lakes and woods etc
  • Deluxe amenities
  • Discounts and offers
  • Upscale services
  • Spa and Yoga treatments
  • Exotic cuisine ideas
  • Side events or Festivals
  • Great site/views

Step No. 10:

In the end, Promote

Becoming a growing trend, the Glamping Business would be fruitful in financial terms but first, let your surrounding know your existence, place it among them. Being a beginner, check for the ideas of promotion of already developed Glamping sites to learn some tips. Note their mediums and channels, the visuals and texts they utilize through them and, their level of activeness in digital marketing.

Following are the stated channels, collected for you that are benefiting the relevant owners:

  • Glamping Business List:, GlampingHub,, Airbnb, CoolCamping, etc
  • Social Sites: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc
  • Featuring in Media and Sponsored Articles
  • Own Website:
  • Web Directories (Promoting Glamping)
  • Our breathable and waterproof bell tent has all the features to make camping trips comfortable and fun. This 4 season luxury tent is designed for camping and glamping, easy to set-up and provides comfort of a home.

Our canvas tents are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants which are drought tolerant and requires very less water to grow.

Our fabrics are tested by an independent lab and bench-marked on every production run to ensure consistency of critical factors such as:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Head Test
  • Mildew Soil Burial Test
  • Tensile & Tear Strength
  • Color Fastness to Sunlight
  • So, if we are planning to build a glamping business the idea with more details you can get from the website, or you can just place an order and enjoy your camping/glamping.

Best of luck with your Glamping Business!

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